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Hi there and welcome to the Virtual Village. Here you can enjoy the latest live streams and events of all the wonderfull events of the World Choir Games 2021. Enjoy.

By registering and entering the Virtual Village, you fully agree with our key values, which are:


  • Be sure to share & care! Your friendship, your expertise, your experience, your warm-heartedness, and most of all, your voice and music!
  • Happiness is important to us. Please, good vibes only. We’re all here to enjoy the World Choir Games to the fullest. So, let’s not ruin the experience for anyone else.
  • Always show respect towards everyone you get to meet. We respect the beautiful diversity of people from all over the world, all walks of life, and all romantic preferences and gender expressions. Please be aware that the Virtual Village is also accessible for music lovers of all ages (including those -18).
  • Please show integrity at all times. Be honest & transparent. We want to get to know the real you!
  • Sustainability is key. We at the World Choir Games believe in a long-term investment in people and the planet. 

By pressing the “register” button, you agree with these values.

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The World Choir Games are organised on the initiative of INTERKULTUR and EventFlanders, a partnership of Tourism Flanders, the Department of Culture, Youth and Media, the Foreign Office and Sport Vlaanderen, in collaboration with the City of Antwerp, the City of Ghent and the non profit organisation Koor&Stem vzw.

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